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Nov 15, 2012 10:00pm PST
information to the woman he had an affair with, paula broadwell. he spoke to cnn. that came as the c.i.a. announced an "exploratory" investigation of petraeus' conduct. his relationship with broadwell came to light during an fbi investigation that began last summer. today, attorney general eric holder defended the bureau's decision not to alert president obama and congressional leaders. >> we made the determination as we were going through the matter that there was not a threat to national security. had we made the determination that a threat to national security existed, we would of course have made that known to the president and also to the appropriate members on the hill. >> holman: that investigation also has led to a pentagon probe of the top u.s. commander in afghanistan-- marine general john allen. he's under scrutiny for extensive communications with a tampa, florida woman. allen has denied wrongdoing. defense secretarleon panetta said today no other senior military officials appear to be involved. he spoke during a trip to thailand. >> i'm not aware of any others that cou
Nov 16, 2012 10:00pm PST
download. lauryn ashburn is the site's editor and chief, howard kirst is host of cnn's reliable sources. well, we've been talk, for months about the new ways of doing politics during this election season, on-line. lauryn, how much did the campaigns end up spending? >> 10 to 1 ratio. take a look at this. the obama campaign spent 47 million dollars on digital spending. and the romney campaign spent 4.7 million dollars. >> suarez: a 10 to 1 gap. do we know what the obama campaign realized i that kind of spending advantage? did they get much for their buck. >> well, he won, didn't he? >> the obama campaign believed from the start that digital was an important new area. and really had an almost he ban-- evangelical about signing people up to register to give money through facebook and twitter. the romney campaign obviously got a later start because he was not the incumbent but also i think didn't quite have the fervent belief that this deserved a lot of resources. >> suarez: the romney campaign, however, did have a computer-based modelling system like the obama campaign, called orca.
Nov 14, 2012 5:00pm PST
the faculty for osaka university is among eight geniuses who will change the world, according to cnn. for 20 years he's been creating interactive robots that can play a role in society. he started off with humanoids that looked conventional. but he began to wonder how humans would react to robots if they were integrated into our daily lives. he modeled his first android after his daughter 12 years ago. he placed eight motors in the head to produce movements. silicon substituted for skin. but when his daughter saw the rot, s bur inttear >> the problem was when the android moved the head, nod, right, and the body was shaking like a zombie. it was so scary. >> reporter: so he set out to learn what other than appearance makes humans look human. he filmed himself and closely observed the video. he paid extra attention to changes of facial expression because they get the most attention in conversation. armed with that information, he began work to recreate himself. ac due waiters that reply on pressurized air make movements like human muscles do. he inserted them in 50 places, 13 alone in
Nov 12, 2012 5:30pm PST
an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. >> brown: on cnn the chairman of the house homeland security committee, republican congressman peter king, also raised concerns. >> this just doesn't add up that you have this type of investigation. the f.b.i. investigating emails. the emails leading to the c.i.a. director and taking four months to find out that the c.i.a. director was involved. i have real questions about this. i think a time line has to be looked at and analyzed to see what happened. >> brown: on wednesday the petraeus resignation will be the topic of discussion when intelligence committee leaders meet with f.b.i. and c.i.a. officials. >> ifill: for more on all of this, we look at the story from different angles. frederick hitz is a former c.i.a. inspector general who's now an adjunct professor at the university of virginia school of law. retired army lt. col. john nagl has known david petraeus for over two decades and teaches at the u.s. naval academy. and sari horwitz is an investigative reporter at the "washington post." sari, we have watchedded
Nov 1, 2012 5:30pm PDT
of cnn's "reliable sources." daily download's editor in chief lauren ashburn could not be with us tonight. howie, welcome back. >> thank you. >> warner: so in this final week or ten days of the campaign we've seen this frantic get out the vote drive, people knocking on doors, making phone calls. what kind of last-minute message are people get on their computers and mobile devices. >> the campaign is pulling out the stops on line, on twitter, for example, lauren ashburn got a direct message signed barack obama saying "use your twitter influence to help us turn out the vote." so using that network to get people engaged. e-mails are becoming fast and furious to potential supporters. i seem to get an e-mail from barack obama, michelle, joe biden has been texting me lately. there's no escape. another interesting thing, margaret, is i got an unsolicited anti-obama text message from an anonymous source and lots of people in the washington area got there. mine said "seniors can't afford tour four more years of obama budget cuts to medicare." that's arguable, they're not really cuts, but p
Nov 28, 2012 5:30pm PST
chief and host of cnn's "reliable sources." welcome back. >> thank you. >> brown: after the election, it's all fiscal cliff, right? let's talk about how the white house is using social media and online efforts on that issue. >> it's as if this massive social media machine that propelled barack obama into office never stopped moving. and you found that at the white house today where he gave a speech talking about the fiscal cliff, introducing the hashtag-- which is a way of grouping something-- my2k, which is a playoff of waoeubgt, ther of y2. he's saying if you don't do something you are going to have to pay as middle-class taxpayers, $2,000 allegedly. >> if congress doesn't stop the automatic tax hikes. >> brown: but this was in the context of a whole week where he's making his play, right? but doing it online? >> it's fascinating with the president of the united states building it around a twitter campaign, we've come to take that for granted but i did a little search for this my2k. on twitter. barack obama comes up second. you know what comes up first? the conservative heritage fo
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)